Setting stage - mention big bad

Arriving in the town of Hesse, you and the merchant go separate ways. He tells you name of the inn he is staying at, the hogs head, as well as saying that he will pen a letter to lord Helsing , he shall be willing to meet after tomorrow if you go to the town hall.

See Hesse for information on the town and what one can do. Seveal npcs can be interacted with and some will look for you, having heard the news about the kolbolds offering a potential quest line

below are some posible ways one can go from here:

See lord Helsing

Town guard duity
That you have been atacked by kolbolds is trublesome from the local guards. Normally the kolbolds stay far from the town and roads and only at
tack during winter when their homes in the motins to the east are to cold to inhabit. That they are comeing in the dead of summer bolds badly for

_ Artefact in near by ruin_

Setting stage - mention big bad

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