cool ideas to steel

1. Akira

2. DMC anime opening.

The party has been resting in a vialge on the outscerts of a country bordering the wild. they have been waiting for a contract to come by for a few weeks, when a local duke highers there sevaces as bodyguards to transfer a girl from a tribe slightly into the wilds to the capital city.

The girl is the daughter of the recently decest king and stands in line to inherit the through as no more children are known. The tribe often comes to the local towns during summer for trade and several years back the king was in the town too where he had sex with a tribal woman, given as a gift for the night.

You have been higherd for this task so as to not bring attention to the importance of the task, many of the kings remaining relatives wish for the title too. You will be offered to escort the girl past any resistance and get the girl to the capital before the winter solstes, a month and a half from now.

To fasilatate this task, you will be given a retainer and 3 horses as well as a carriage on your way back for a speedy journey. Upon reaching the capital, seek out Baron Marsh for the remainder of your fee.

// this should see you through to level 3 //

3. FF11

For generations, the three nations of E’denfall have been in and out of war. Fudes run deep in the blood of the natives of each country, friends and family trees are full of lines finshed at war.

A forth nation exists, neutral to all the wars and a land traid, helping all sides and yet not falling into the long war.

The nations are not spilt by race, but by Ideology.

In more recent times, war has been changed into small scermishes between little groups of worriers from each side, war having shown to be fruitless in recent times. Meanwhile each nation focuses upon new technology, new magic and new tactics in an efoert to ensure the next big conflict goes there way.

Due to each nations sole attention’s being war, much of the land claimed by each side has fallen into wildness. Bandits are wide spread, native wild tribes run amok and reports of monsters are increasingly common.

You are a small scermish squad stationed near the eastern border and have been deployed to fight a reported group of bandits seen not far from your station.

flying castle,

newly descoverd continant sparks adventuras to seek there fame, crimanals taravl to escape the law, and the nations of the main continant are looking for expansion, every one can see a resonto traveland escape the painfull memorys from main.

But the nativs are not pleased, the land is wild compared to main, the people tribal. But recent descoverys indicate that there was once an advance civ on the continant.

Along the coast some towns are forming around ports to deal with the influx of imagrents with ships omeing and leaving all times of the day. Mostly independednt towns looking to traid without tax, but the safest being the nations’ own town, with fortifactions being built to surcur the land.

Because of the infancy of the new contanental exploration, just strikeing out and seeing what you find is oftern very profitable. Oftern in order to sucure funding for missions, people work with newly founded guilds, and receve security and regular pay as a result.

Needless to say, advaenture is there, all you have to do is reach out and take it!


see death in new port1st fight

To pay for your journey, you worked as a ship hand the on the journey to the new contenat. But the ship was blown of course during a hevey storm that damiged his cargo. As a result you spent a lot more time at sea then intended, also not only can the murchat who owns the ship not pay you, having been blown of cose you are not at the port you inteded.

Rather you arive at a busy town a lot further south than you inteded, but on land you are!

The action on the docks is mesmerizing. You recognise ship flags in port from all over the world, carrying every manner of exotic goods. Sailors and merchants of all races and backgrounds mingle on the wharves, with money changing hands so fast you can barely even follow. The sights and sounds are so overwhelming that you almost don’t notice the group of men that casually coalesce around your party. They are a rough lot, scarred and crusty sailors armed with saps and belaying pins. The leader of these scurvy dogs, a toothless man with tattooed knuckles, smiles crookedly and says, “You’ve all just volunteered for an exciting life at sea. Do you want to go the easy way or the hard way?”

[note each will run at low hp and all will with 4 left]]


A local guild will higher you on behalf of the local fronter towns and villages.

cool ideas to steel

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