Back Story

The world for as far as you have heard has been run by many small countries which have been fighting for centuries between each other, as such the need for adventurers is high for both mercenary work and because the country between states is wild, full of monsters, bandits and barbarians. In the region of …, the main countries are of age and power, some eager to prove them self’s, others which seek piece in which its citizenry can live. It has been many generations since last the majer powers clashed, and most hope it will be many more, but hope is a fragile mistress.

The Suni Empire

A empire (with a cultural style of Rome) called the Suni empire has been expanding for decades concerning neighbouring cities and absorbing cultures. The rulers since its inception have been of a single family, that of Aventus. Though the rule may not pass from farther to son, the power remains sole in the family.

Rummers say the sudden power and growth of the empire has been attributed to the native people of Ashbeck having unholy deals or, as others say, it is due to high sorcery. Survivors from early battles claimed that the fighters from Aventus slew hundreds each but none have seen a member in a fight for decades. These rummers are lent credence by the Acentus family not having had any major influence of act of note before the empires founding.

Never the less, the empire is well known for its military might and is relentless, its fighters being well trained and some of the strongest to march in battle formation since the world’s foundation.

The Realm of Serris

Mountainous regions of the world are always a hostile for invading armies to concer, with native knowing many cave systems and well defendable positions. More over when winter sets in any invading army will find its self trapped in a land hostile to its presence. It is because of this reason that the realm of Serris is one of the oldest civilisations in the region today. It’s loosely connected towns that span across the mountain range from a loss confederation of town leaders with strong ancient bonds between them.

But deep under the biggest mountain lies the source of the realms might, Agos-Omun, a city of such granger that all who see it feel humbled. No records remain of the cities builders and its current inhabitants use but a small proportion of the city. Many caves run from the city, most towns in the area having a highly guarded way to get there underground built by those towns so as to not be isolated in the harsh mountainous winters. But others exist, a labyrinth of caverns stretching far beyond what is recorded.

Back Story

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